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The CLIC eTraining Portal is developed and run by the PharmaTrain/HSeT team in collaboration with Contritutors and Trainers from the PharmaTrain network.

Project Team

Jean-Marie Boeynaems, M.D, PhD
Jean-Marie holds a PhD in biochemistry and pharmacology and is currently Director of the Department of Clinical Pathology at Erasme academic Hospital. He is also professor of pharmacology at the ULB and director of the PHARMED course in pharmaceutical medicine.

Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of HSeT
Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl is the executive chief officer of the Foundation. He is emeritus Professor at the University of Lausanne and a member of EMBO. He is the scientific co.-founder of OroVax, now Acambis, Ltd. He has created the Health Sciences eTraining (HSeT) Foundation and is the project leader of the web-based learning projects Immunology Online and Oncology Online, and co-leader of OCTAVE, the Online Collaborative Training of AIDS Vaccine Evaluation.

Anthony Chan, M.D, Senior Medical Manager, Primary Care, Pfizer Europe at Pfizer
Anthony Chan qualified in medicine at Trinity College Dublin and embarked upon a surgical career, and trained as a general surgeon and then a cardiothoracic surgeon in Ireland. He joined Quintiles Europe in 1998 and had gained experience in drug safety, project management, operations management, and medical affairs within Quintiles European Cardiovascular Business Unit. He was instrumental in developing the worldwide cardiovascular modular in-house training programme for Quintiles, as Global Head of Cardiovascular Scientific and Medical Services in Quintiles Inc. He joined Pfizer as Director of Clinical Research & Associate Medical Director in Ireland in 2003. He is the vice-chair for the local Pharmaceutical Physician Association, and has been a member of the IFAPP Council for Education in Pharmaceutical Medicine since its inception, and its lead on the investigator education working group.

Ingrid Klingmann,MD, PhD, President & CEO of Pharmaplex bvba, Belgium
After Medical School at the universities of Ulm and Heidelberg, Germany, Ingrid obtained physician’s specialist degrees in General Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Medicine. After her hospital and private practice training she joined pharmaceutical industry and later the CRO business. She was responsible for the scientific concept, organisation and management of national and multinational clinical trials of Phases 1 to 4 as well as for drug development planning on the sponsor side, held senior positions in operations and business development before she worked as investigator responsible for two different sites at University College London (UCL). She built European operations for three American CROs and established clinical trial infrastructure for the preparation and management of clinical trials at UCL before she started her own drug development planning and site management support consulting company in Brussels, Belgium. During her whole professional career she was much involved in discussion and promotion of GCP and related regulatory requirements on a national and international basis.


Paul Acheampong , MRCP
Specialist Registrar in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Newcastle Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust Wolfson Unit of Clinical Pharmacology

Beate Aurich Barrera, M.D
Beate Aurich Barrera, graduated from medical school in Berlin, Germany and trained as a general paediatrician in the U.K. subsequently passing the Membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. After joining the Drug Safety Research Unit (DSRU), an independent research organisation, she completed a postgraduate research degree in paediatric signal detection at Portsmouth University and in collaboration with the DSRU. In 2006 she started working in global pharmacovigilance first for GlaxoSmithKline and now for Novartis, being an active member of the respective paediatric networks in both companies, providing training on paediatric safety and pharmacovigilance, advising on general paediatric aspects as well as issues concerning paediatric safety and pharmacovigilance.

Daniel Brasseur, M.D., Ph.D., ULB
Specialist in pediatrics
Senior hospital lecturer, Hôpital Universitaire des Enfants Reine Fabiola (HUDERF)
Chairman of the Paediatric Committee (PDCO)

Anthony Chan, M.B., F.R.C.S.I., Dip PharmMed
Senior Medical Manager (Lipitor), PECANZ Pfizer

Marie-Laure Couvreur
Marie-Laure Couvreur is Quality and Process Manager at the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC)

Marc Czarka, M.D., MBCPM
Managing partner HM3A
Former Medical Director, Eli Lilly Benelux and Sanofi-Synthelabo Belux
Former Director Governmental and Public Affairs, Bristol-Myers Squibb Belux

Marc de Longueville, MD, PhD, FFPM, MBCPM
Medical Director, Immunology, Global Medical Affairs UCB Pharma

Marie-Claude de Patoul, Master in Sciences (UCL)
Associate Director Global Compliance Management, UCB Pharma
Formerly Quality Systems Manager, responsible for quality systems within the Global Development Department, UCB Pharma

Jean-Paul Deslypere, MD, PhD
Director of the Singapore Good Clinical Practice Program
President of the Singapore Pharmaceutical Physician Association

Joan L. Drucker, MD CPI
President, Medika LLC, Durham, North Carolina
Vice President, Pharmaceutical Medicine Education, Academy of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Investigators (APPI)
Member, Council on Education in Pharmaceutical Medicine, IFAAP

Dominique Dubois, M.D., KUL, FFPM, MBCPM
Lecturer and member of the Board of Examiners, Post-Graduate course in Pharmaceutical Medicine, Université Libre de Bruxelles.
Patient Value Solutions (PVS) Consultancy
Editor-in-chief of Frontiers in Pharmacoeconomics and Health Outcomes
Former Director Health Economics, Pharmaceuticals Group Strategic Marketing, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Services

Alexander G Dyker,MD MSc FRCP
Consultant in Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology and Stroke Medicine, Newcastle Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust Wolfson Unit of Clinical Pharmacology

Stephen Erhorn, PhD
Senior Medical information Scientist, Wolfson Unit of Clinical Pharmacology

Yves Geysels, PhD
Head Clinical Research Operations Novartis Pharma, Belgium
Vice Chair of the Association Board of Trustees, ACRP and President of
Lecturer at the Association University-Hogescholen of Antwerp
Member of the Advisory Council of EFGCP
Editorial board member of the journals ‘The Clinical Researcher’, ‘The Monitor’ and ‘CRAdviser’

Simon Hill, MRCP
Specialist Registrar in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Newcastle Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust Wolfson Unit of Clinical Pharmacology

Denis Lacombe, M.D.
Assistant Director of New Drug Development Program and Regulatory Affairs, EORTC

Marianne Maman, MD, MBA
M.D (Paris), MBA (HEC), trained in human rights, medical and research ethics. Before joining the pharmaceutical industry where she has worked in different functions including 15 years in global policy related activities, Marianne has practiced general medicine and worked as a free-lance journalist for a daily medical newspaper in Paris. At Novartis Pharma AG, she is in charge of Medicine and Society within Global Development -Ext. Affairs. Her policy and advisory activities are focused mainly on ethical and societal matters related to biomedical research such as informed consent, privacy and data protection, globalization of research; she has authored several internal policies and guidelines, including those related to vulnerable patient populations; she represents Novartis and contributes to the activities of external working parties at trade associations and NGOs

Christian Mélot, M.D., Ph.D., ULB, M. Sci. Biostatistics, Limburgs Universitair Centrum
Professor of Biostatistics at ULB,
Head, Department of Emergencies, Erasme Hospital

Anastassia Negrouk ,MSc Biology.

Head of International Regulatory and Intergroup Unit, EORTC

Ramesh Padavala, M.D.
Graduated in Medicine in India and was trained in Paediatrics in the UK. After working for several years in the UK in Paediatrics, Ramesh moved back to India to join Indian School of Business and completed post graduate training in management. Ramesh joined Novartis in 2009 as Head of Paediatrics and Chair of Novartis Paediatric Advisory Group. In these roles he is responsible for various activities related to Paediatric research both with in Novartis and outside of Novartis. Currently he is an active member of the IFPMA (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations) Pediatric Taskforce, DIA (Drug Information Association), ESDPPP (European Society for Developmental Perinatal and Pediatric Pharmacology)

Robert Padich, Ph.D.
Senior Scientific Communications Associate, Eli Lilly

Michèle Sangeleer, M.D.
Head of Pharmacovigilance department, Eli Lilly, Belgium

Thomas Severin, MD
Dr. Thomas Severin is Global Program Medical Director in the Global Development Franchise Cardiovascular & Metabolism at Novartis Pharma AG and member of the Novartis Pediatric Advisory Group.
Prior roles at Novartis include Principal Medical Scientific Expert, External Affairs Head Pediatrics and Chair of the Novartis Pediatric Advisory Group. Thomas Severin is member of the IFPMA Pediatric Taskforce, the EFGCP Children’s Medicines Working Party, the European Society for Developmental Perinatal and Pediatric Pharmacology, and several cardiac and pediatric societies.
Thomas received a doctorate degree in medicine from the University of Freiburg, Germany, completed residency in Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine followed by specialization in Pediatric Cardiology and work as a Pediatric Cardiologist. He completed post-graduate training in Health Economics at the European Business School and in Pharmaceutical Medicine at the European Center for Pharmaceutical Medicine, University Basel, Switzerland

Jean-Pierre Tassignon, MD
MD, Arzt (Germany), DipPharmMed, FFPM, MBCPM, Toxicologist, Diploma Industrial Medicine, PG Business Admin.
President & CEO, Crossover CRI AG
Former chairman of EFGCP Board
Former President of PSI Pharma Support Int AG

Ruben Thanacoody, MD, FRCP,
Consultant in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Newcastle Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust Wolfson Unit of Clinical Pharmacology

Simon Thomas T, MD
Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Institute of Cellular Medicine, Wolfson Unit of Clinical Pharmacology, Newcastle University, Newcastle, United Kingdom

Piet Vancraeynest, M.D., M. Sc. Biostatistics
Drug expert, INAMI/RIZIV
Former Project Leader Electronic Data Capture, UCB Pharma
Former Clinical Research Physician, UCB Pharma

Guy Vandenhoven, M.D., K.U.L., Ph.D., FFPM, MBCPM
Regional Medical R & D, Director Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, AstraZeneca

Frank Wells,
Founder Chairman, Ethical Issues Committee, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine
Founder Non-executive Director, MedicoLegal Investigations Ltd
Co-Editor, Fraud and Misconduct in Biomedical Research (3rd edition)


Cynthia Coopers,
Director Project Management, Novartis

Yves Geysels,
Head Clinical Research Operations Europe North, Novartis

Johanna Hietamäki,
Clinical Study Manager, Development, Orion Pharmaceuticals

Kati Kaijasilta,
Senior Clinical Study Manager, Development, Orion Pharmaceuticals

Birgitta Kalvi,
Study Operation Manager, Development, Orion Pharmaceuticals

Tiina Koivisto,
Head of Study Management and Sourcing, Development, Orion Pharmaceuticals

Sari Launonen-Koski,
Head of Proprietary Products, Pre-registration, Global Regulatory Affairs, Orion Pharmaceuticals

Merja Mäkitalo,
Clinical Study Manager, Development, Orion Pharmaceuticals

Marianne Maman,
Responsible for Medicine and Society within Global Development-External affairs, Novartis

Eeva Puotunen,
Head of Study Operations, Development, Orion Pharmaceuticals

Michael F Smith,
VP & Head, Global Clinical Operations, Novartis

John Whiteside,
Study Operation Manager, Development, Orion Pharmaceuticals

HSeT Foundation Core Team

MarcBreitlerHSeT FoundationSwitzerland
NathalieDebardHealth Sciences eTraining (HSeT) FoundationSwitzerland
AlainMeystreHealth Sciences eTraining (HSeT) FoundationSwitzerland
BernardRossierUniversity of LausanneSwitzerland

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